Sunday, 22 October 2017

Minor/Major Project | Lined Paper Test | 3d

For my project I went back and listened to the clip of Jayden and discovered that the story he is coming up with is so childish that it could only be shown in the the form of a child imagination or drawings. This gave me the idea of attempting to bring alive his drawings into a 3d paper world.
I want to try and test many different methods to get a look that sympathizes with the drawings Jayden has provided.

This is the first trial of the '3d Paper World'. I have tried to capture the messy style of Jayden's coloring on the texture for the trees, flooring and house. I have used a layered shader on the tree leaves to try get a cartoon effect. I quite like the looks of the lined paper effect in the world, although it may take a few tests to see if it's 3d that suits it best.

I would also like to include a bit more colouring in the scene too.

The house in the scene is modelled from one of Jayden's drawings of a house. The original image of the drawing is below:

As I have Jayden visiting over the course of next weekend, I would like to get some more drawings off of him to see if they can also translate to Maya. I want to also try some 3d animation and 2d animation tests to see how they are.