Saturday, 9 September 2017

3rd Year Project | Idea | Research | 'Jayden Tapes'

Working Title: 'Jayden Tapes'

For my 3rd Year idea, I posed the idea of recording my little 5-Year-Old brother talking about a random situation concocted from his imagination. After travelling back home to Kettering to see Jayden, I was confronted with a thousand cuddles and some mild extortion for all traces of sugary treat. After the sweets had been guzzled, Jayden felt the need to get a story off his chest!
I was certainly excited to see that he has now come up with a fantastical story about him fighting thousands of aliens, to helping out superheroes. Oh, there's even a point where he transforms into a dinosaur and all sorts of stuff. After trimming down the original recordings I have the sound file below to show for it. Hopefully I will be taking this sound file on wards to be the foundations of the project.

Jayden Tapes_ Sound File

The idea for the start of the story is essentially based within a normal living room. I quiz Jayden about his day/night and he then introduces the story. Despite being set in the living room, I would like any imaginings from Jayden to jump into a world that's like a 2d side-scroller but in 3d. Things would jump back to the living room at given points within the animation for comedic effect. The 'Imagined' scenes designs could be in the style of child-friendly games, much like a variety of Nintendo games or even like some lesser known games like Shopping Cart Hero 5.

Art Style Ideas

In unison with these design ideas above, I think that it would be really effective if I was to apply a childish design to the whole theme of the animation. The best example I can think of is much like the music video of Nizlopi's 'JCB song'.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Maya | Experimenting with Textures | House | Wall and Roof | Attempt 1

As the idea I'd like to do consists of two houses and their back gardens as the main setting, I thought I'd use this opportunity to carry on practicing texturing. For now, I am trying some different brick textures and roof tile textures. Below is my first attempt. I feel like it was a success but I also feel that the textures I have opted for are too realistic for what I would like to go for. Next attempt will be trying to get a more unrealistic look for the bricks especially. Also I feel like some of the house should be re-modeled to look more un-realistic if I am aiming for a more 'cartoony' vibe.

Monday, 10 July 2017

Maya Tutorials | Professional Practice | Resit Submission

Professional Practice | Resit Submission

Unfortunately, I was unable to finish the very last few texturing tutorials for Pipeline 1. This is because I was unable to progress as the 'Rivet' MEL code was not working. It's a shame as I wanted to have finished the whole creation of Jetpack Jones. I would like to resume the tutorials and finish off anything that has been left.

There are no ShaderFX tutorials completed as i couldn't double click on the Texture Map Node so that it would appear in the attributes layer. Despite ensuring that DirectX11 was installed. It has been recently been made to my attention that is might be a new bug in Maya.

Maya Tutorials | Pipeline 1 | Texturing | Parts 1 & 2

Part 1 - High and Low-Res Modelling for Normal Maps

Part 2 - Baking Normal Maps

Maya Tutorials | Pipeline 1 | Facial Rigging | Parts 10-13

Part 10 - Adding Extra Face Movement

Part 11 - Adding a Blink

Part 12 - Adding Brow Movement

Part 13 - Cleaning Up the Scene

Maya Tutorials | Pipeline 1 | Facial Rigging | Parts 6-9

Part 6 - Adding Teeth and Tongue

Part 7 - Lateral Mouth Movement Part 1

Part 8 - Lateral Mouth Movement Part 2

Part 9 - Adding Cheek Thinning

Maya Tutorials | Pipeline 1 | Facial Rigging | Parts 1-5

Part 1 - Creating a Head Skeleton and Binding

Part 2 - Creating Head Controls & An Eye Look Rig

Part 3 - 5 - Creating a Flexible Mouth Rig